Even when winter is in full bloom, we should not forget about our lawn. These five tricks will guarantee you a fresh and healthy layer of grass next coming spring!

1. Fertilizing

Just like people need food to function, your lawn needs fertilizer to grow! Ideally, you should fertilize your lawn before winterizing your garden, so that the grass will feed on the fertilizer throughout the winter season and its roots will grow stronger. Dormant grass may be hungry but doesn’t need regular fertilizing. Make sure you do so, only when the weather is steady in the 70’s.

2. Aerating

All those open-air picnics you enjoyed over the summer had a big impact on your soil, making it very compacted and dry preventing air, water and nutrients reaching the roots. Aerating is the simple solution! Making holes through the turf and into the soil below to introduce air and allow water to enter can be done with machinery as well as manually using a simple pitch fork.

3. Don’t overuse de-icing products

De-icing products can be very dangerous for your lawn, especially if they contain salts. If you need to use them on side-walks make sure you choose products that contain calcium chloride.

4. Mowing

The height of your grass is vital to keeping your lawn healthy during winter. If it is too short, the cold could affect the roots and cause dead sections in springtime. Your winterization process should ensure you stop mowing your lawn just when it stops growing.

5. Raking

You should give your lawn access to sunlight during the winter months too. Regular raking should do the trick. If you are afraid you won’t be able to follow through, check out our services. Our year-round yard care guarantees you a green lawn in the coming spring!

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