If you want your neighbors and visitors to look at your lawn with admiration and envy, you need to take proper care of it. One of the simplest tasks to perform is mowing. But is it really all that easy? What if there are some specific rules to follow if you want to get perfect results around your property? Well, let us help you sort it out with these 5 things to remember about lawn mowing.

1. The first mowing in the season

In the beginning of spring, it is important to properly perform the first lawn mowing of the new season. Especially, if you have forgotten to do so in the autumn. Taking care of all the long grass blades will help you achieve a better looking lawn for the whole year.

If your grass is taller in early spring (8 cm or more), you should split the first mowing into two. During the first run cut the grass at 5-6 cm above the ground. Only with the second run you can cut it to the perfect size of 3,5 cm.

2. Roll out your lawn

It is enough to mow the lawn once a week. But, during the most abundant grass growth, (mid-April to the end of June), it is good to do it twice a week. When summer comes and it is drier or the grass in not watered regularly, your lawn grows slower, which means that you can mow it less often.

Depending on your preferences, the lawn can be mowed only from time to time. You should keep in mind that the blades should not be taller than 8 cm. What is more, always remember to cut only shorten the lawn by only one third with each mowing.

3. Best weather conditions for lawn mowing

You need to watch out for good weather to perform any treatments to your grass. First of all, you must not mow during rain or when your grass is wet. Morning dew makes mowing uneven and the lawn will be ragged and unattractive.

Always perform your mowing in good weather conditions. It does not necessarily mean you have to wait for some perfect day. Keep an eye out for sun and cut the grass when it is dry and upright. If you want your grass to stay healthy, remember that mowing the lawn in mild weather makes it less prone to diseases.

4. Do not forget about nasty weeds

When the grass is too short, all kinds of weeds can easily grow out of the turf. It can happen because the thickness and consistency of the lawn is too small. Weed prevention is very important, and you can take care of the lawn even without applying any herbicides or other chemicals.

You can tear out all weeds once you spot them between the blades of your grass. But there are ways to prevent them from growing in the first place. For example, you should not use too much fertilizers, the right amount the producer suggests will do. Let the lawn grow freely, do not compact and roll out the soil too much.

5. Or trust your local professionals!

You could remember about all these tips and try to apply them in your everyday lawn treatments. Think about how time-consuming it can be. Well, we have got the ultimate tip for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy healthy and beautiful grass thanks to the experts at Lawn King.

Our professionals are eager to help you with all the important work around your yard. We know how important lawn mowing is and we provide the highest quality service. Using the best machinery and depending on know-how and skills, Lawn King experts are the best choice when it comes to lawn treatments. Get a price now and forget about all cares. Let us do the rest!

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