Spring is the marvelous season when everything starts to blossom and grow. Nature get its green colors back, buds and flowers start to appear everywhere. It seems to be born again after cold and gloomy wintertime. And so does your lawn! Let us explain the importance of a good spring cleanup around the lawn with these 5 useful tips.

1. Get rid of dead grass

When winter is over, the surface of your lawn can be full of dead grass. Moreover, after snow has melted, you will find some leftover dead leaves from fall. Whatever old and dead plants are there on your lawn, you need to get rid of them as soon as spring starts.

Why? Because the dead grass and leaves block the lawn’s roots from catching oxygen and nutritious elements from water and fertilizers. We suggest raking as a successful method of collecting the dead leftovers. When you do it with delicacy, you can be sure that the fresh young blades of grass are be affected.

2. Roll out your lawn

Frosts and snowfall can leave a lot of bumps on your lawn. Not only does it look unattractive, but it may also have bad influence on the quality of the grass. The reason for it is that some roots do not have a direct contact with the soil.

In order to roll out the lawn, a special roller is used. This treatment works best when used a few days before the first lawn mowing, and then again a few days after that. Rolling out the grass lawn is not essential but it helps it to breathe better and look nicer for the seasons to come.

3. Aerate the grass lawn

When we talk about aeration, we mean bringing air to your grass lawn, making it more breathable. If the surface is bad quality, your lawn will gather puddles of water and have and uneven color of grass blades.

As soon as the lawn is strong enough, usually by the end of April, aeration should be applied to it. This is the perfect period. Just before intense watering and fertilizing begins. A special machinery can be used to aerate the lawn because it needs to be punctuated with small spikes. We perform surface aeration to a depth of about 3 cm (for ornamental lawns) or deep aeration to a depth of at least 8 cm (for heavily used lawns).

4. Perform verticutting to your lawn

When springs starts and you already see a lot of dry and yellowish blades with moss laying around, there will be a lot of work waiting for you. Before the grass starts growing you will have to comb it out. In order to achieve the best results, verticutting is often used.

This treatment means you need to use dedicated equipment to slightly cut the turf perpendicularly. Then you can get rid of all the moss and dry grass blades. They make it hard for air, water and fertilizers to penetrate the soil. Verticutting lets the lawn take advantage of all these elements and thank to that your grass can grow strong and beautiful.

5. Patch all holes with new seeds

Unfortunately not all lawns can provide you with wonderful results after harsh winters. Sometimes there can be a lot of loss in the grass. That is why it is important to patch all these holes. And it also is an important treatment during spring cleanups.

To do so, use good quality grass seeds. We recommend mixing them with humus soil, which gives the new seeds better chances to grow strong and amazing blades. All these new patches should be watered regularly. You want to have an even grass lawn after all, right?

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