Summertime is that wonderful period when you can take advantage of your beautiful and well-kept yard. Having an attractive lawn gives you a lot of opportunities to be delighted in warm weather. Yet, in order to maintain a wonderful look of the green, you should remember a few things. We have prepared the best lawn care tips just for you.


Supplying and enriching the soil with all necessary microelements is essential. Such elements as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and iron are crucial to maintaining a strong and healthy lawn. That is because your soil might not be rich in nutrients. Thus, you should never forget about using good quality fertilizers.

We recommend fertilizing the soil around the yard at least twice a year. The first application should take place in spring to stimulate the grass to grow. Then, spread a little fertilizer during summertime. Such a process works best when the temperature outside is moderate. Avoid dry season and always water the lawn well after applying fertilizers.


Using fertilizers will help your lawn achieve that great eye-catching greenness. Bear in mind that grass grows a lot quicker after supplying it with nutrients. If you want to keep its amazing appearance, you will have to mow it from late spring until the end of summer. Mowing protects the whole yard from harmful weeds and grass diseases.

The systematic use of your mower does not only shorten the existing grass blades but also stimulates new ones to grow. A lot of weeds become weaker and therefore start dying. During the high summer season, it is a good idea to mow the lawn at least twice a week. Shortening the grass by 1/3 is optimal because it does not cause any harm to the roots. It is also a good idea to let all clipping lie before you start raking. Thanks to that your grass blades will have the ability to rest after they have been cut.


The most basic summer lawn care tip is watering. Yet, it is as important as mowing and fertilizing, especially in times of drought. If your soil is sandy or poor in organic matter, it may be excessively permeable. This causes the micronutrients to get lost deep inside the ground, whereas they should supply the grassroots.

That is why watering is so important. Do it rarely but generously, as such activity will cause the water to penetrate deeper into the soil. If you water your lawn more frequently but with smaller amounts, you accumulate the moisture only around the top layer of the soil. A badly watered lawn becomes much more sensitive to heat and drought. On the other hand, overwatering can cause the roots to rot, so avoid overdoing this activity.


We have already discussed the most important pillars of summer lawn care. Now is the best time to gather all the crucial tips you can use when taking care of your lawn in the summer:

1. Apply fertilizers at least twice a year because they enrich the soil with useful micronutrients.

2. Fertilize the soil when the temperature is moderate, avoid drought, and always water the soil well afterward.

3. Mow the lawn at least twice a week if you want to maintain the right height and appearance of the grass.

4. Leave the clippings lying around since your grass needs a little time to recover after the mowing.

5. Water your lawn evenly while doing it every once in a while but with higher amounts of water.

6. Avoid accumulating ponds of water on the surface soil layer because it can cause the whole rooting system to rot.

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