We all know that when fall is upon us there is a lot of work to do around the house. Securing all wooden and metal elements against harsh winter conditions. Preparing the elevations and the roof. Yet, most importantly, you need to do a serious clean-up of your yard. How to carry out the right cleaning, what element you need to remember, and when is the right time to do it? We will do our best to answer all these questions.

Why You Need to Remember About Your Fall Yard Clean-Up

You know, some people might feel a little bit overwhelmed with the fall season around the yard. Why is that? Because you get all these leaves falling here and there all the time. Furthermore, strong winds are not helpful when you decide on racking the lawn.

All in all, you need not forget that leaving all those dead leaves and branches will cause them to rot. After that, a thick blanket of snow covers them. You can trust our experience when we say that cleaning all that mess in springtime is going to be a lot more difficult.

Experts in the field of gardening know that if you want to have a beautiful yard you need to pay attention to it the whole year-round. That is why we recommend having your lawn taken care of by your friendly professionals, offering the best services throughout the year. Lawn King is ready to provide the most astonishing results.

How We Perform Your Fall Yard Clean-Up

If you want to ensure less hard work around your yard when spring starts, think about it already before winter. There is a handful of things you should consider during fall. Let us take a quick look at some of the most important elements you should never forget:

1. Remove leaves, branches, dead grass, and other debris

Racking the lawn is never enough but it is the best place to start. Thus, we use professional tools to gather all unnecessary plants lying around your yard. Moreover, we take special care while picking out debris from flower beds not to cause any damage to them.

2. Mow the lawn one last time

If you want to secure a beautiful and nicely growing lawn when spring hits, remember to mow it. The last mowing in the season works its magic best approx. 14 days before the first frost. Because of that, you will be sure that your lawn is not shocked by low temperatures.

3. Apply aeration

Aerating the lawn means bringing more airflow to the ground while supplying the roots with freshness. We recommend applying aeration throughout the season but the last small treatment can be done before winter begins.

These are only three of the main elements you should consider doing around your yard during fall. Ordering Lawn King’s fall yard clean-up services can provide you with much more useful treatments.

When Is the Right Time to Clean Up the Yard?

There is no specific date when it is best to apply cleaning treatments to your yard during fall. However, we suggest aiming somewhere between September 15 and October 31. That is when our team at Lawn King provides fall yard clean-up services

The best idea is to check the weather forecast because you do not want to be too late with the clean-ups. Moreover, our exact services also depend on actual weather conditions. We recommend ordering fall yard clean-up services sooner. Thanks to that you will be sure that Lawn King makes it on time to take care of the highest quality treatments around your lawn.

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