Maintaining the most beautiful and stunning lawn is not as easy as it may seem. Many people think that grass grows strong no matter how you care about it. Unfortunately, such an idea adapts only to wild grasses. However, when it comes to your yard, you want that lawn to be attractive, clean, and healthy. Here are a few golden rules you need to know to maintain grass around your house.

Lawn Fertilizing

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the regular use of fertilizers. Your lawn requires good quality fertilization, which is necessary for the turf to be lush green and to grow properly. It is best to apply fertilizers around the lawn 3-4 times during the season.

The first lawn fertilization should take place at the turn of March and April, right after the first mowing. It is best to use the so-called starter fertilizers or special products dedicated to spring grass fertilization.

The second and third times for fertilization should be in May and June. This time you can use standard universal fertilizers dedicated to lawns. In mid-August, we fertilize the lawn for the last time using the so-called autumn fertilizers.

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Lawn Watering

Watering the lawn is one of the simplest yet most frequently improperly performed care treatments. When watering the grass, there is one golden rule to follow – do it every other day but more intensively, i.e. using 8-12 liters of water per sq. m. Avoid sprinkling and slightly moistening the surface every day. Thanks to intensive lawn watering, the water penetrates the deeper layers of the soil, therefore supporting the development of healthier and stronger grassroots.

Many people perform lawn watering too often while using too little water. This ends up accumulating moisture only around the topsoil layer. Such action results in a worse expansion of the rooting system since only a little water penetrates the deeper ground layers.

A badly watered lawn is much more sensitive to heat and drought. We suggest watering the lawn in the early morning. This way it can freely penetrate the deeper layers of the soil, and also gradually evaporate from the surface.

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Lawn Mowing

Mowing the lawn has the best results when we do it regularly – every 7-10 days throughout the season. The first spring mowing of the lawn is usually carried out at the turn of March and April. Yet, the exact date depends on the weather conditions.

We suggest observing the grass and how it grows to choose the perfect date for lawn mowing. During the spring and summer seasons, it is worth mowing the lawn a bit higher not to damage the roots.

The last autumn lawn mowing has the best results when you do it in mid-October. This time the exact date also depends on the weather conditions. Therefore, sometimes this treatment can be performed a little later if the warmth is favorable for the grass to grow.

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Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is another important factor you should remember if you want to enjoy beautiful grass around the house. Performing this action results in loosening the soil, which helps improve its structure. This treatment lets more air within the ground, which stimulates your grass to grow strong and healthy.

Aerating the lawn involves puncturing the soil with special instruments dedicated to this process. There are many different kinds of aerators for performing it on your own. Anyway, we believe it is best to ask a professional for advice on how to do it well.

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